Hair Replacement

What are the causes of Hair loss?

Androgenetic Alopecia ,male and Female

Telogen Effluvium , diffused hair, loss temporary shedding of hair from the follicle caused by physical or emotional stress.

Post Partum Alopecia, hair loss caused from the hormonal changes after pregnancy.

Alopecia - their are different forms of Alopecia

• Alopecia Areara ,it starts out small round patches. This is a autoimmune disorder.

• Totalis, the entire hair on the head

• universalis ,the entire body hair.

• Thyroid conditions can lead to hair loss.

How healthy is your scalp?

Come for exfoliation treatments to promote a healthy scalp. When follicles are clogged it can lead to hair loss.

What solution is right for me?

Come in for a consultation and lets find the right solution for your hair health needs

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